Foreign Works Promotion Association JapanForeign Works Promotion Association Japan

To properly use foreign copyrighted works

We promote the use of foreign copyrighted publications and
help protect the interests of copyright holders abroad.

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Organization name
Foreign Works Promotion Association Japan
Toshiaki Anan
January 2018
Suitengumae Tokyu Building 4th Floor, 1-29-6 Nihonbashi Kakigara-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0014, Japan
Our mission
We promote the use of foreign copyrighted publications and help protect the interests of copyright holders abroad.
Our Services
  1. Identification of Sources of Copyrighted Works
  2. Publication of Copyrighted Materials Abroad in Japanese
  3. Survey of Copyright Infringements Involving Foreign Copyrighted Works

Market for foreign works in the Japanese education industry

  1. Japanese University Application Process

    • In Japan, while there is a standard test widely used for numbers of universities, most universities conduct their own entrance exams.
    • Some candidates take exams for different courses/ departments in the same university.
    • Some large sized universities set 30 different English papers.
  2. English Papers Used in Entrance Exam

    • The exam subjects vary depending on the courses. However, English is compulsory for most courses.
    • English papers often include some reading comprehension questions.
    • Materials are quoted from English newspapers, magazines, books and websites.
    • Under Japanese law, the universities and schools are allowed to reproduce published work without permission from copyrights holders.

    However if they wish to reproduce their entrance exam paper for information / study purposes, they must obtain permission from copyrights holders. (Secondary Usage)

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    Demand for Secondary Usage - for students


    Studying Past Exam Paper is crutial.

    • Students use Past Exam Papers as study material – to know style / level required to pass the exam.
    • Past Exam Papers are available to purchase as booklets published from educational publishers or universities.
  4. Demand for Secondary Usage – for Education Industries


    • Universities hold Open Days and as a part of information, they distribute Past Exam Paper Collections.
    • Some universities publish the previous exam papers on their websites.

    Preparatory Schools

    • Preparatory Schools use the material as a course materials.
    • Various styles of usage in the classroom: Classroom hand-out, Audio, Website and many more.

    Educational Publishers

    • Publish ‘Past Exam Papers Collection’ and sell them.
    • Audio CD for listening practice.
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    Providing exam students better Information

  5. Outline of Education Industry Market in Japan

    • 751 Colleges & Universities, Entrance Examination Market Size 48.3 billion yen
      (Number of examinees: 1.38 million, Entrance examination fee: unit price 35,000 yen)
    • Cram School and University Preparatory School Market Size 962.0 billion yen
    • Educational Publishers (N/A)
    • Schools for Acquisition of Qualification Market Size 190.0 billion yen
    • English Conversation and Other Foreign Language School Market Size 313.0 billion yen
    • Qualifying Examination Market Size 42.7 billion yen
    • Correspondence Education Market Size 201.1 billion yen
    • Corporate Business Training Services Market Size 508.0 billion yen
    • e-Learning Market Size 176.7 billion yen

    From "Education Industry Market in Japen: Key Research Findings 2017" by Yano Research Institute Ltd.