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Our Services

  1. Identification of Sources of Copyrighted Works

    To comply with Article 36 of the Japanese Copyright Law it is necessary to obtain permissions from copyright holders to compile past university entrance examination questions using copyrighted material.

    While sources of Japanese texts in exams are clearly specified in general, the sources of English texts are often not specified. When reusing these unsourced English texts it is necessary to clarify who wrote them and to which publication they belong. We identify the authors and publishers of such texts and subsequently enable clients to comply with the law when using foreign copyrighted materials.

  2. Publication of Copyrighted Materials Abroad in Japanese

    We maintain an extensive network with foreign authors. Some of them look for opportunities to have their own books translated into Japanese to sell them in Japan. We want to help foreign writers to fulfill their dreams of self-publishing in Japan.

  3. Survey of Copyright Infringements Involving Foreign Copyrighted Works

    We survey copyright infringements of foreign copyrighted materials to meet demands of foreign authors and publishers.

    We prepare a report and present analysis about

    • present circumstances of copyright infringement of online contents and package contents of foreign works in Japan
    • kinds of information circulation and types of information usage depending on contents
    • estimation of infringement damages

    We offer advice on how to take countermeasures against unauthorized information circulations.