Foreign Works Promotion Association JapanForeign Works Promotion Association Japan


Survey of copyright infringements involving foreign copyrighted materials in Japan

Surveillance procedure


Decide research targets

We select companies which have business activities related with copyrighted works (e.g. entrance examinations)
Target examples: private tutoring schools, preparatory schools, educational material publishers, universities, senior high schools, educations boards


Decide research questions

We have a meeting with our client to decide ca. 20 research questions
Questionnaire examples: reuse of copyrighted publication, circumstances of secondary use, recognition of copyrights


Carry out research

We carry out research and collect results


Report results

We tabulate results and report to our client

Examples of report contents

  • Purpose and method of research
  • Experience rate of access to/use of foreign copyrighted works
    1. Overall trend and feature
    2. Trend and feature depending on copyrighted material types
      (e.g. newspapers, magazines, books, websites)
  • Condition/price requests for use of foreign copyrighted materials
  • Number of access/use depending on types of copyrighted materials
  • Infringing scale depending on types of copyrighted materials
  • Estimation method of infringing scale of foreign copyrighted publication
  • How to take countermeasures against unauthorized use of foreign copyrighted materials

Surveillance period

  1. Purpose and method of research
  2. Telephone research : about 4 weeks
  3. Internet research: about 2 weeks
  4. Result collection, Report preparation: about 1 week

※The above shows a rough indication. It may differ depending on cases


  1. Aggregated data (Excel file)
  2. Surveillance Report (PDF file and 1 paper-based report)

Reference price

  1. Research using direct mail and telephone (e.g. research 500 companies and receive answers from the half of the targeted companies) JPY 900,000 or more.

※Prices change according to the number of targets, research questions, contents of the report and surveillance.
※Our service is subject to consumption tax and local consumption tax.